Emanuel Gonçalves

Emanuel Gonçalves

High Competition Swimming athlete. Has the disease Guillain-Barré, but the swimming allows me to gradually overcome my physical limitations, exploring the limits of my body, overcoming psychological barriers that sometimes the human being imposes on itself, leaving only a few sequels that allow me compete in the highest class (S10) of the Adapted Swimming.

Swimmer from
Clube Desportivo Nacional where he attained the title of National Champion in 2004 and has since become National Champion all years, even at the time of 2014/2015.

Won several medals at the international level:

– Bronze Medal at the World Championship in Durban in 2006 (5000m open water)
– Silver Medal at the World Championships in Eindhoven 2010 (5000m open water)
– Silver Medal at the European Championship in Berlin in 2011 (5000m open water)

Currently holds several national records being these:

– 200m Freestyle
– 400m Freestyle
– 800m Freestyle
– 1500m Freestyle
– 100m Mariposa
– 200m Mariposa
– 200m Styles
– 400m Styles